Alease Wilson

My name is Alease Wilson. I am 19 years old. I am the proud daughter of a security officer who is a union member of SEIU-USWW. I have a little brother and a little sister, we live in a community where racial profiling happens on the daily

“I am joining the bus tour because I don’t want my brother to be the next Michael Brown.”
basis by police. I fear that my brother will be shot dead just walking to the corner store. I fear that my little sister will get kidnapped because she is an easy target.

We live in a community where violence is an everyday lifestyle. That’s why I became part of Children Over Politics. I want to change the wrongs in the community by lifting my voice and making sure it is heard by my brothers and sisters. We have racial issues going on in this country that we need to bring to light. I am participating in this years Dream Riders Bus tour with my fellow youth members to bring attention to the black and brown violence but to also make change for a better tomorrow and a better future.

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