Ellie Wingfield

My name is Ellie Wingfield I am a 20 year old leader from Children Over Politics who is proud African American son of a Local 99 cafeteria worker. I am participating in this year’s Dream RIder bus tour to bring attention to all the violence

“We know what were running from, but what are we running towards? We have to start moving forward.”
in the world towards black and brown communities. Also, this will be a great new experience in my life that will benefit my growth as a leader.

I have been racially harassed before and it was not a good feeling. An instance when I experienced this was when policemen began harassing me for absolutely no reason whatsoever. I strongly feel that this is something that needs to stop. The community I currently live in consists of gang violence and police brutality. I don’t want my little brother growing up in a community like this with violence and brutality going on all around us. I want to make positive changes not only in my community, but changes that will help better the world we live in.

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