Embrace Your Power 2016

SCA - Embrace Neon Election-2016 (1)Children Over Politics (COP) launched the “Embrace Your Power” Voter Engagement effort last election cycle (2014). The program is a youth-to-youth non-partisan voter engagement effort to register new voters and engage youth in the civic participation process during the 2016 election cycle.

Take these steps to embrace your power:

#1 Register to Vote

We are partnering with school districts in the region to register high school seniors who are eligible to vote in 2016. You do not have to wait, you can register right now online.

Embrace Your Power By Registering to Vote Online It Only Takes a Minute

#2 Take the Embrace Your Power Video Challenge

In 2014, COP members and their supporters created videos on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which challenged others to take the “Embrace Your Power Challenge” by hugging or embracing the person who inspired them on video. Within each video the youth explained how the power of our votes can make a difference for that person, their family and their community. The social media component helps build a culture of civic engagement among youth and connects their commitment to societal matters.

Are you down with the “Embrace Your Power” Challenge?

  1. Introduce yourself and the person who inspires you.
  2. Embrace or hug that person in your video.
  3. Explain how the power of our votes can make a difference for that person, your family, or your community.
  4. Promise to “Embrace Your Power” by committing to do things like vote, registering other people to vote or making sure your friends and family vote.
  5. Challenge others to take the embrace your power challenge by naming them and asking them to post their video using the hashtag #EmbraceYourPower.

#3 Join Our Youth Group

COP continues to grow in Los Angeles, Fresno, Oakland, and San Jose. We meet at least once a month learn about important topics and sometimes take trips. Join the COP Youth Group today!