Leticia Velez

I was born in Mexico City and came to this country when I was 9 years old along with my mother and two younger brothers. As the eldest of three, I became an adult figure at a very young age in order to take care of my brothers. Meanwhile, my single mother worked two jobs at a time and slept only 3-4 hours a day. I’ve seen firsthand what it is like to work so hard, to break your back,

“I am doing this tour because I want to inspire youth to be active within their communities. Together we can make a difference.”
in order to support your family in hopes that they can have a better life. I’ve seen the sacrifices my mom makes in order to do this.

She has skipped meals just to be able to feed us and also take on a third job so she can keep a roof over our head. Throughout the years, my mom has become my biggest role model; teaching me to be a strong, independent woman who never gives up. I guess you can say I’ve followed my mom’s footsteps, thus why I’m an activist and fight for a better future for everyone today. I believe in my immigrant rights and that neither my skin color nor my ethnicity will determine my future.

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